Louise Gold featured as Mrs Tyler - a Goodwife, in Series 1, Episode 5 ĎWitchsmeller Pursuivant, first broadcast on BBC 1 at 21:25 on 13 July 1983.



Credited In The Radio Times


The Witchsmeller Pursuivant - Frank Finlay

The Great Grumbledook - Rowan Atkinson

Richard IV, A King - Brian Blessed

The Witch Queen - Elspet Gray

Harry, Prince Of Wales - Robert East (credited in The Radio Times but not in the credits on the episode)

Baldrick, A Witch - Tony Robinson

Percy, A Witch - Tim McInnery

Ross, A Lord - Richard Murdoch

Fife, A Lord - Peter Schofield

Angus, A Lord - Valentine Dyall

Officer, An Officer - Patrick Duncan

Soft, A Guard - Stephen Frost

Anon, A Guard - Mark Arden

Jane Firkettle - Barbara Miller

Princess Leia - Natasha King

Dopey Jack, A Peasant - Forbes Collins

Dumb Abel, A Peasant - Roy Evans

Daft Ned, A Peasant - Perry Benson

Dim Cain, A Peasant - Bert Parnaby



Credited In the TV Credits but uncredited in The Radio Times


Piers, A Yeoman - Howard Lew Lewis

Mrs Field, A Goodwife - Sarah Thomas

Mrs Tyler, A Goodwife - Louise Gold

Stuntman - Gareth Milne


Production Team

Written by - Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson

Additional Dialogue by - William Shakespeare (well thatís what it says in the programmeís credits)

Directed by - Mark Sharlow (credited in Radio Times) and Geoff Posner (uncredited in Radio Times)

Producer - John Lloyd

Original Music by- Howard Goodall

Designers - Chris Hill and Nigel Green


Producer John Lloyd was also working on UNTV the pilot episode of the TV puppet show that was to become Spitting Image. When that pilotís Leading Puppeteer asked the producer for a job on BlackAdder, the result was a memorable appearance in this episode.

John Lloyd went on to appear, along with Louise Gold, at Spitting Image - BFI Event, and in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image.

Richard Curtis was also a writer for UNTV and went on to write for Spitting Image. Some of his lyric writing can be found on the (banned by BBC Radio 1) B side of the first Spitting Image single Da Do Run Ron, namely the song Iím Just A Prince Who Canít Say No.

Blue Peter, Joint Account, Allo Allo, The House Of Eliott, Casualty, Doctors, Ginaís Laughing Gear, and, That Puppet Game Show have all also been first broadcast on BBC 1.

Frank Finlay may have gone on to appear in Comedy Tonight.

Brian Blessed has gone on to appear on Roland Rat The Series, and, A Week In The West End.

Rowan Atkinson went on to take part in Comic Relif 1986, on which Howard Goodall also featured, and with which Richard Curtis, and, Geoff Posner also helped.

Rowan Atkinsonís recording credits include Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief, for which Richard Curtis also wrote material, and which Howard Goodall featured on as both a writer and performer.

Rowan Atkinsonís recording credits also include Oliver! (Recording).

Robert East went on to appear in Allo Allo, which was also first broadcast on BBC 1.

Howard Lew Lewis went on to appear, along with Louise Gold, in Rachel And The Roarettes.

Rowan Atkinson went on to appear (along with Louise Gold) in a big revival of the musical Oliver! (a show which Tony Robinson had been in the original production of).


Critics Comments



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NB: I would not recommend the site: BlackAdder Hall: although many people seem to like it, however, when I went onto it my computer picked up a virus (which I had to get a specialist to remove). If you do go on to it, whatever you do, donít attempt the quizs - that is how my computer got infected with a virus.


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