Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire

Louise Gold co-starred as Miss Sullivan in 1985

This film is be best described as “a vampire-film-musical about snooker”. Ms Gold played a reporter covering then rivalry and match between two snooker players, where one of the players was a Vampire.


Billy The Kid (a snooker player) - Phil Daniels

Maxwell Randall (The Vampire) - Alun Armstrong

T.O. (The One) - Bruce Payne

Miss Sullivan (a reporter) - Louise Gold

Mrs Randall - Eve Ferret

Egyptian - Richard Ridings

The Wednesday Man - Don Henderson

Supersonic Sam - G.B. Zoot Money

Big Jack Jay - Neil McCaul

Referee - Johnny Dennis

The Spook - David Foxxe

TV Director - Daniel Webb

Floyd - Trevor Laird

Other cast members: Ben Cole, Paul Cooke, Trevor Cooper, Chrissie Cotterill, Sarah Crowden, Ricky Diamond, Teresa Garraway, Peter Greeves (Should be Geeves), Glyn Grimstead, Tracie Hart, Sam Howard, Gareth Kirkland, Edwina Lawrie, Claire Lewis, Kevin Lloyd, Sarah London, Christina Matthews, Liz Morton, Paul Mulrennan, Clive Panto, Robert Pereno, Caroline Quentin, Nick Revell, George Rossi, Liza Sadovy, Roger Tebb, Claire Toeman, and, Tim Whitnall

Additional cast members – Justin Case, Anthony Chin, Joe Fordham, Lisa Hart, Johnny Irving, Arnold Lee, Lindsay Neil, Joan Rhodes, Fiona Sloman, and, Gillian De Terville


Production Team

 Director - Alan Clarke

Screenplay & Lyrics - Trevor Preston

Producer - Simon Mallin

Original Music  - George Fenton

Cinematography - Clive Tickner

Costume Design - George Tudor

Production Design - Jamie Leonard

Film Editor - Stephen Singleton

Copyright -  ITC Entertainment

Production Company – Zenith Productions

Production Supervisor – Bill Kirk

Production Accountant – Ray Buckley

Assistant Accountant – Gerard Fitzsion

Accounts Coordinator –Sarah Reeve

Production Coordinator – Kathy Stykes

Runner – Cliff Lanning

Producers Assistant – Gilliam Hazell

Assistant Directors – Peter Waller, Kieron Phipps, and, Tony Aherne

Continuity – Francine Brown

Casting Director – Beth Charkham

Camera Operator – Nigel Willoughby

Focus Puller – Jeremy Hiles

Clapper Loader – Grant Cameron

Louma Crane Technician – Adam Samuelson

Camera Grips – Ted Whitby, and, Dennis Lloyd

Gaffer Electrician – Ronnie Rampton

(Gaffer’s) Best Boy – Les Weighell

Stills Photography – Simon Mein

Special Effects Models – Asylum Models And Effects Ltd

Assistant Editor – Anthony Morris, and, Tony Pound

Art Director – Andy Harris

Assistant Art Director – John Frankish

(Art Direction) Runner – Izabella Wroczynska

Production Buyer – Trisha Edwards

Prop Transport- Hamish Bell

Standby Props – Peter Hedges, and, Mark Hedges

Props – Bobby Hedges

Dressing Props – Paul Hedges

Construction Manager – Andy Evans

Rigging Gaffer – Alf Emins

Supervising Carpenter – Dave Pearce

Standby Carpenter – Mick Ince

Supervising Plasterer – Barry McCrory

Standby Plasterer – Colin Thomas

Supervising Painter – Ronnie Burkett

Standby Painter – Bobby Irvine

Supervising Rigger – Ian Norgate

Standby Rigger – Iain Lowe

Standby Stagehand – Len Bailey

Assistant Costume Designer – Annie Curtis-Jones

Wardrobe Supervisor – Rosemary Worth

Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor – Lesley Doyle

Make Up Artistes – Jenny Shircore, and, Lesley Rouvray-Lawson

Hairdresser – Liz Michie

Hair – Patti Smith

Titles/Opticals – Peter Govey, and, Aerial Image Opticals


Guitar – Ray Russell

Saxophone – Don Weller

Drums – Neil Wilkinson

Bass – Mo Foster

Violin – Gavyn Wright

Synthesiser – Jess Bailey

Piano – George Fenton

Music Recording Producer-  Ray Russell

Assistant Music Editors – Toby Benton, and, Michael Parkinson

Music Editor – William Diver

Floor Sound Mixer – Andrew Boulton

Boom Operators – Gary Weir, and, Guido Reidy

Dubbing Mixer- Paul Carr

Assistant Dubbing Mixer- Brian Paxton

Playback Operator – John Pitt

Dubbing Editor – Anthony Sloman

Assistant Dubbing Editors – Mellainie Ryder, and, Steve Maguire

Dialogue Editor – Sarah Vickers

Assistant Dialogue Editor – Heather Holden

Snooker Consultant – Geoff Foulds

Assistant Snooker Consultant – John Rees

Unit Nurse – Sue Manson

Unit Drivers – Ken Gasgil, Peter Lupson, and, Jim McAndrew

Publicist – Sara Keene


Please click here for this website’s review of the film. (The webmaster’s thanks to Kathleen Dickon and Steve-The-Technician at the British Film Institute for their assistance).

This film has now been released on DVD.

A couple of the songs from the film were released on  Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire (Soundtrack single).

It has been said, allegedly, that: Maxwell Randall was loosely based on the six times world snooker champion Ray Reardon, whose nickname was Dracula, because he apparently born an uncanny resemblance to Dracula; and Billy Kid was loosely based on Jimmy White, a successful up and coming snooker player of the 1980’s, who is still playing at top level, but has never actually won a world championship. 

Louise Gold, Neil McCaul and G B Zoot Money had previously appeared together in The Pirates Of Penzance (Film).

Louise Gold and Neil McCaul subsequently appeared in: Angry Housewives, Red Hot & Blue, Panama Hattie, 110 In The Shade, and, A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Louise Gold, and, Tim Whitnall worked as voice artistes on Spitting Image (on which Louise, of course, also puppeteered). They have also worked as voice-artistes only on Animal Farm.

Neil McCaul and Clive Panto had previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982) 

Kevin Lloyd subsequently appeared in Kids At Heart

Christina Matthews’s subsequent recording credits include: Encore The Very Best From The Musicals and The History Of The Musical

Liza Sadovy went on to appear in Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala

Neil McCaul went on to appear on television in A Week In The West End.

Zoot Money may have gone on to appear in Dear Ralph.

Francine Brown went on to do continuity on Muppet Treasure Island, on which Louise Gold puppeteered. It is possible that Sara Keene may also have worked on that film (since it has a Unit Publicist listed in it’s credits as Sarah Keene).

Alun Armstrong’s theatre credits include starring in the original production of Les Miserables (well until unfortunate circumstances forced him to leave).

Christina Matthews may have gone on to take part in Thing A Thon.

It is not clear whether Clare Lewis who acted in a minor role could be the lady of the same name who appeared in ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows (as the Producer of 49 Up).


Critics Comments

 “...Other members of the cast are equally convincing, but whilst the acting is of a uniformly commendable standard it is not, unfortunately, matched by the remainder of the production.” Richard Buskin, FILMS AND FILMING, April 1986


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