Louise Gold played Bella, ?6 October to end of November  (and ? December) 1983


Cast (includes)

Bella - Louise Gold

Lizzie – Evelyn Doggert

Zoe – Kathryn Apanowicz

Stella – Josie Lawrence

Nick – Robbie Barnett


Production Team

Author - Bryony Lavery

Director - Michele Frankel

Designed by – Caroline Hanania


Tour Dates (includes)

Warwick Arts Centre, ?6 October 1983      

Battersea Arts Centre ?20 October 1983

New End Theatre, ?10  to 13 November 1983

Grantham Leisure Centre, supposed to open on 24 November 1983

Southport Arts Centre, opened 31 November 1983


The opening night of the performance at Grantham Leisure Centre is actually in The Guinness Book Of Records for Lowest Theatre Attendance, it had an audience of nil. Apparently in the end the cast gave up and went for a Chinese meal instead! 

The Grantham opening night has also been a question in Trivial Pursuit.

Five years later Louise Gold found herself in another flop production that also made it into the Guinness Book Of Records, Ziegfeld.

It was by no means the first time that Louise Gold had found herself in a touring production scheduled to play a Leisure Centre, some nine years earlier at the start of her career, she had been in a tour of Hair that played Gloucester Leisure Centre.

Kathryn Apanowicz may have taken part in Thing A Thon.

Josie Lawrence went on to star on television in Rachel And The Roarettes, with Louise Gold as one of her supporting players.

Josie Lawrence went on to appear in Happily Ever After, her television credits include A Week In The West End.

It seems likely that the actor Robbie Barnett is also the puppeteer of the same name, whose puppeterring credits include working: The Great Muppet Caper, The Dark Crystal, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and, Muppet Treasure Island.


Critics Comments

  “With her production style, director Michele Frankel builds on the gap between the absoluteness of the theme and its mundane field of action to highlight the comedy, using the performance skills of mime and improvisation instead of sets and props. It adds enormously to the sense of mischievous humour and focuses attention on the characters. Each of these is meticulously portrayed: the kindly insecure Bella (Louise Gold), ....” Ann FitzGerald, THE STAGE, 20 October 1983.


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