Anna Rexic And The Compulsives

Louise Gold appeared in this alternative cabaret group, at various venues, most notably The Drill Hall, and The Royal Court, approximately circa 1982 to 1988.


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Louise Gold

Jane Gurnett

Felicity Steel


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Tour Dates

 The Drill Hall

The Royal Court

The Tricycle Theatre – The group may have performed at an Equity Benefit at The Tricycle Theatre, in Kilburn, on the 20 February 1983. The benefit was in aid of a proposed North West London branch of the actors trade union Equity.


Apparently the group sang a selection of songs “in rather bizarre costumes”.

Finding even approximate dates for when the group were actively performing seems to be a little difficult. It seems to have been active between 1982 and 1988.

Louise Gold’s resume for Godspell (August 1980) mentions that “she has done some cabaret work”, but does not specify what this is, although her resume of the time also goes on to say “and is currently developing a solo act of her own”. It seems likely that the latter did not go much beyond the developmental stage, since in 2002 when she performed “Louise Gold sings some nice songs” the try-outs for her solo act  LOUISE GOLD...BY APPOINTMENT that was stated as being her debut as a performer of a cabaret solo act.

The Press Pack for the English broadcasts of Fraggle Rock, issued in 1982, states “Louise is a member of a trio called Anna Rexic and The Compulsives who have been making quite a name for themselves in cabaret”. (This seems to be the first reference to it your webmaster can find, it is not mentioned in the May 1981 press pack for The Great Muppet Caper).

There is a reference in an article in The Stage dated 17 February 1983, which specifically names the group Anna Rexic and The Compulsives among those scheduled to take part in an Equity benefit on 20 February 1983.

In her resumes between Blood Brothers (August 1986), and, Ziegfeld (1988) Louise Gold is sometimes specifically named as being a member of the group. But the group is not always mentioned in her resume. By the time of Assassins (1991), and definitely Noel/Cole: Let’s Do it (1994) it seems to be in the past.

A group referred to as “The Compulsives” may have taken part in Thing A Thon in 1987, but it is not known whether that was actually this group with a slight variation on their name.  

During the 1980s, as well as appearing, with Louise Gold, in this alternative cabaret group, Felicity Steel was also doing a lot of political theatre with Una Brandon-Jones as a member of the Fall Out Theatre group.

Louise Gold, and, Jane Gurnett had previously appeared together in My Fair Lady.

Louise Gold returned to The Drill Hall many years later to appear in Pantomime In June.

Louise Gold may have returned to The Royal Court many years later to appear in a staged reading of Vinegar Tom.


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