Animal Farm

Louise Gold voiced Mabel The Chicken, on this TV Film in 1999



 Live Actors

Farmer Pilkington - Alan Stanford

Mrs Jones - Caroline Gray

Mrs Pilkington - Gail Fitzpatrick

Mr Frederick - Joe Taylor

Dennis - Jimmy Keogh

Eric - Noel OíDonovan

Farmers - Gerad Walsh, and, Jer OíLeary

Pilkingtonís Sons - Sean Fitzsimons, and, Conor Kirwan



Snowball - Kelsey Grammer

Squealer - Ian Holm

Mollie - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Jessie - Julia Ormond

Benjamin / Farmer Jones - Pete Postlewaite

Boxer - Paul Schofield

Napoleon - Patrick Stewart

Old Major - Peter Ustinov

Moses / Pitcher - Charles Dale

Mabel - Louise Gold

Muriel - Jean Beith

Other Voices - Paul Mark Elliott, Brian Gulland, Hannah King, Charlotte Merton-Laight, Tim Merton-Laight, Amanda Symonds, Nicole Tibbles, and, Tim Whitnall


Production Team

(Please note this is only a selection, please refer to The IMDB if you want the full crew credits)


Directed by - John Stephenson

From The Novel By - George Orwell

Teleplay - Alan Janes and Martyn Burke

Producers - Robert Halmi Sr, Paul Lowin, Morgan OíSullivan, Greg Smith

Original Music by - Richard Harvey

Cinematography by - Mike Brewster

Casting by - Carmel OíConnor

Sound Mixer - Jim Corcoran

Dialogue Editor - James Feltham

Sound Editor - Arthur Graley

Supervising Sound Editor - Nigel Heath

Dialogue Recordist - Nicky Moss

CGI by - Cinesite

Animatronics by - Jim Hensonís Creature Shop

Voice Casting - Bonita Pietila

Animatronics Designer and Model Maker - Chris Howes


This is one of those occasions, like (the Ballroom Dancing in) Labyrinth, only even more puzzling, when one is left to wondering why one notable British puppeteer is involved the production but not as a puppeteer. This must be the only TV animatronics venture (especially one with animatronics by Jim Hensonís Creature Shop) for which Louise Gold was only a voice-artiste. Practically every other animatronics production where she has voiced characters, she also puppeteered them, but not on this occasion.

Notable British puppeteer Louise Gold is of course absolutely no stranger to productions involving Jim Hensonís Creature Shop, she worked as a puppeteer on their very first film, The Dark Crystal. She worked on several of their other films in one guise or another: Labyrinth (appeared as a Ballroom dancer), Alice In Wonderland (as a puppeteer) And she puppeteered the title role in their TV series The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Director John Stephenson had worked on The Creature Shopís very first film The Dark Crystal; on which Composer Richard Harvey played as a soloist.

Animatronics Model Maker and Designer Chris Howes also worked on The Muppet Christmas Carol, which of course Louise Gold puppeteered on.

Peter Ustinov may have previously appeared in Comedy Tonight

Tim Whitnall had previously appeared in Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire, and did some voice-work on Spitting Image.

Peter Ustinov had previously acted in the Henson film The Great Muppet Caper, on which Louise Gold of course puppeteered.

Cinematographer Michael Brewster had previously been a camera operator on The Muppet Christmas Carol, whose puppet builders included John Stephenson, and, Chris Howes.

Michael Brewster had previously worked on Muppet Treasure Island, for which Jim Hensonís Creature ShopTM was also involved in building puppets and whose puppet builders included John Stephenson; Cinesite was also involved.

Jim Hensonís Creature ShopTM also provided the puppets for Alice In Wonderland, whose voice-artistes included Peter Postlethaite, and, Peter Ustinov, and whose production team included Robert Halmi Sr

Jim Hensonís Creature ShopTM and John Stephenson had previously worked on a CG puppet for The Animal Show.

Amanda Symonds, and, Louise Gold have gone on to appear together on the West End stage in Mary Poppins.


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