Angry Housewives

Louise starred as Bev at Hammersmith Lyric Studio 29 April - 10 May 1986. - In this troubled punk-rock musical Louise had the distinction of being the only one of the four women originally cast in the show who was still in it when it eventually opened!

As ‘The Stage’ put it:

 “Originally Angry Housewives would have starred Carlene Carter, Diane Langton, Mary Maddox and Louise Gold. It would have been directed by Art Wolff with choreography by Pat Garrett. When it opens on Tuesday (29 April) the sole survivor of that team will be Louise Gold.” article ‘Cast play musical chairs at the Lyric’, THE STAGE, 24 April 1986, p2.



Bev - Louise Gold

Wendy - Belinda Lang

Jetta - Leslie Duff

Carol - Shelia Brand

Lewd Fingers - Kevin Williams

Bev's Son, a Trainee Punk Rocker - Russell Lee Nash

with Teddy Kempner and Neil McCaul (as Jetta's Husband and Wendy's Husband, don't know who played which part)


Production Team


Authors – A. M. Collins & Chad Henry

Original Production – 1983 The Pioneer Square Theatre, Seattle USA

Director – Art Wolff / Art Woolf

Sound Operator – Michael Pool

Choreographer – Maurice Lane

This musical is about four American Housewives who decide brighten up their dull lives by forming a Punk Rock band, to enter a Punk Rock contest, despite knowing zilch about Punk Rock. Most of the show centres on them rehearsing, and trying to keep their intentions a secret from their respective family and friends. The finale has the four women, entering the contest, in pull punk gear, singing a rude song about cornflakes. This production was troubled since of the four women originally cast: One leading lady pulled put, another injured herself, and a third just disappeared! The Choreographer was fired, then The Director fell out with the Producers (and he too left, though retained his credit), and the first night was delayed, twice!

Besides Louise Gold, the other women originally cast in the production were: Carlene Carter, Diane Langton, and, Mary Maddox. The original choreographer was Pat Garrett. The production was (according to one version) originally supposed to have opened on 27th March 1986. However The Stage says it was originally supposed to have opened on 15 April and then on the 22 April 1986).

According to The Stage (24 April 1986, page 2 ‘Cast play musical chairs at the lyric’) Carlene Carter officially left because “the extended rehearsal period would have prevented her from meeting prior musical commitments”, less officially due to “artistic differences”, and unofficially “because of problems playing the part”. Diane Langton injured herself (pulled a ligament according to The Stage), and Mary Maddox “disappeared in another round of artistic differences”). Carlene Carter was replaced by Belinda Lang, while Diane Langton was replaced by Sheila Brand, and Mary Maddox was replaced by Lesley Duff. It is also said that the show was “directed by remote control” by it’s producers with the help of the Lyric.

Louise Gold and Diane Langton did eventually appear together in another production with somewhat problematic casting Follies, and have since gone on to appear together in Mary Poppins.

Louise Gold, Teddy Kempner and Neil McCaul all went on to become noteworthy members of the Discovering Lost Musicals gang. 

Louise Gold and Teddy Kempner were reunited in: Chicago & Company, which Maurice Lane staged parts of. It may be noted that Diane Langton also appeared in that.

Louise Gold, and, Teddy Kempner were also reunited in Broadway To Brighton,  One Touch Of Venus (1992 production), and Something For The Boys.

Louise Gold and Neil McCaul had previously appeared together in The Pirates Of Penzance film, which choreographer Maurice Lane also appeared in.

Louise Gold, and, Neil McCaul were reunited in Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire,  Red Hot & Blue, Panama Hattie, 110 In The Shade, and, A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh.

Belinda Lang went on to appear in the David Kernan revue Move On.

Louise Gold returned to The Hammersmith Lyric Studio ten years later to star in Lady Into Fox.

Neil McCaul , and Choreographer Maurice Lane had previously appeared in The Royal Variety Performance (1982).

Neil McCaul has gone on to appear on television on A Week In The West End.

Belinda Lang may have gone on to appear in Dear Ralph.

Pat Garrett went on to work as a choreographer on: The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island (where she was also credited as an “assistant puppeteer”), and, Alice In Wonderland.

Twenty Two years later, found Louise Gold back on the West London fringe, at The Orange Tree Theatre in Next Door’s Baby.


Critics Comments

 “With Lesley Duff, the other attractively different housewives are Louise Gold, Sheila Brand and Belinda Lang.” Francis King, SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, 4 May 1986

 “All of the girls have brassy melodic voices and when they ultimately turn up in outrageous wigs, brass studded leather gear and battered stockings, they make a tumultuous noise singing a rude song about cornflakes.” Milton Shulman, London Standard, 30 April 1986.

"Perhaps the backstage dramas have helped but there is a certain exhilarating dynamism in the way that Louise Gold, Sheila Brand, Lesley Duff and Belinda Lang attack their parts, such as they are". Antoney Thorncroft, FINANCIAL TIMES, 1 May 1986 - this review is worth reading in full as it is very amusing!

 “”I’m a human being. You’re just going to have to deal with that.” Louise Gold’s Bev tells her punked-out son in one of many lines that see, ;eft over from dog-eared me generation manifestos. But as the unlikely quartet of women who form a rock group called Angry Housewives, Gold, Sheila Brand, Belinda Lang and Lesley Duff can all put over a song, and the lively score evinces a Broadway knowhow reminiscent of Kander and Ebb.” Matt Wolf, CITY LIMITS, 1 May 1986


Links about Angry Housewives

Sound Operator Michael Pool’s entry on The West Yorkshire Playhouse’s site, CV of his work mentions this show:

 Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage):, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): , seeing as Pat Garrett is among the people backing this worthy campaign.


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