Alice In Wonderland

Louise Gold worked, as one of the additional puppeteers, film for TV made by The Creature Shop for NBC, 1999 (well according to the IMDB, Production began 10 August 1998, and it was first broadcast on Sunday 23 April 2000)




Ned Tweedledum – Robbie Coltrane

White Knight – Christopher Lloyd

Carpenter – Peter Postlewaite

Queen Of Hearts/Society Woman – Miranda Richardson

Mad Hatter/Chinless Idiot – Martin Short

Fred Tweedledee – George Wendt

Alice – Tina Majorino

Sir Jack, the Knave of Hearts / Cad – Jason Flemyng

Cook – Sheila Hancock

King Of Hearts / Society Man – Simon Russell-Beale

Miss Lory – Liz Smith

Duchess – Elizabeth Spriggs

Pat the Gardener - Jason Byrne

Bill the Assistant Gardener – Paddy Joyce

Ace Of Clubs/Chief Executioner – Murray Melvin

Mother – Janine Eser

Father – Jeremy Brudenell

Nanny – Mary Healey

Governess – Dilys Laye

1st Soldier/Three Of Hearts – Tim Potter

2nd  Soldier/Four Of Hearts – Angus Barnett

Six of Hearts / Soldier – Richard Strange

Eight of Hearts / Soldier – Toby Ross-Bryant

Mr. Two/ Royal Gardener #1 – Jonathan Broadbent

Mr. Five / Royal Gardener #3 – Chris Ryan

Frogface Footman / Waiter – Peter Eyre

Fishface Footman / Waiter - Hugh Lloyd

Red Bishop – John Owens

Red Knight – Gerad Naprous


Richard Coombes – The White Rabbit

Kiran Shah – The White Rabbit

Francis Wright – The March Hare

Adrian Getley – The March Hare, and, The Gryphon

Robert Tygner – The March Hare, and, The Gryphon

Nigel Plaskitt – The Dormouse

David Barclay – The Dormouse, and, The Gryphon

Additional Puppeteers – Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Rebecca Nagan, and, Victoria Willing


Cheshire Cat – Whoopi Goldberg

Major Caterpillar – Ben Kingsley

Walrus – Peter Ustinov

Mock Turtle – Gene Wilder

Mr Mouse – Ken Dodd

The Gryphon (voice) – Donald Sindon

Tiger Lily (voice) – Joanna Lumley

Mr Dodo - Peter Bayliss

Mr Eaglet - Heathcote Williams

Mr Duck - Ken Campbell

White Castle - Christopher Greet


David Barclay is sometimes known as David Alan Barclay, Robert Tygner as Rob Tygner, Chris Ryan as Christopher Ryan, Susan Dacre as Sue Dacre, and, Kirah Shah as Kirin Shaw


Production Team

Directed By – Nick Willing

Book – Lewis Carroll

Teleplay – Peter Barnes

Produced by

Executive Producers – Robert Halmi Jr, and, Robert Halmi Sr

Producer – Dyson Lovell

Line Producer – Chris Thompson

Original Music by – Richard Hartley

Cinematography by – Giles Nuttgens

Film Editing by – Alex Mackie

Casting by – Joyce Gallie, and, Lynn Kressel

Production Design by – Roger Hall

Art Direction by – Gary Freeman, and, Rosalind Shingleton

Set Decoration by – Karen Brookes

Costume Design by – Charles Knode

Make Up Department – Stuart Bray, Nuala Conway, Mark Coulier, Louise Fisher, Neill Gorton, Barrie Gower, Duncan Jarman, James Kell, Sandra Shephard, Anne Spiers, and, Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou

Post Production Manager – Dee D’Orazio

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Third Assistant Director – Tamana Bleasdale

Second Unit Director – Matthew Cope

Second Assistant Director Action Unit – Simon Emanuel

Third Assistant Director Second Unit – Fiona Gosden

First Assistant Director Second Unit – Toby Hefferman

First Assistant Director – Gareth Tandy

Second Assistant Director – Rebecca Tucker

Art Department

Draughtsperson – Edward Ambrose, and. Margaret Horsppol

Supervising Plasterer – Ken Barley

Storyboard Artist – Adam Brockbank, and, Julian Caldow

Stand-by Construction - Steve Challis, Michael Hersey, Dave Philpott, and, Len Serpant

Props – Stanley Cook, Graham Lupton, Michael Mills, Micky Swift, and, Terry Woods

Model Maker – Jamie Courtier

Assistant Construction Manager – Robert Devine

Supervising Carpenter – Peter Duffy, and, Arthur Holland

Scenic Artist – James Gemmill

Construction Manager – Geoff Kingsley

Assistant Set Decorator – Sonja Klaus

Art Department Assistant – Kate Lovejoy

Property Master – John Mills

Supervising Rigger – Ronald Newvell

Conceptual Artist – Dermot Power

Supervising Painter – Michael Sotheran

Supervising Art Director – Alan Tomkins

Decor Artist – Bob Walker

Sound Department

Supervising Sound Editor – Nick Adams

Sound Maintenance – Gethin Aldous

Dialogue Adr Editor – Gordon Brown

Dialogue Editor – Jason Canovas, and, Jonathan Cronin

Adr Engineer – Mark DeSimone

Boom Operator – Richard Finney

Music Editor – Andy Glen

Foley Artist – Diane Greaves, and, Jason Swanscott

Sound Mixer – Mark Holding

Sound Effects Editor – Srdjan Kurpjel, and, Zivi Ronen

Sound Re-Recording Mixer – Mike Prestwood-Smith, and, Adrian Rhodes

Sound Engineer – Dave Tinsley

Foley Editor & Sound Editor – Paul Wrightson

Special Effects

Special Effects Technician – Terry Brindle, Terry Palmer, Stephen Paton, David Watson, and, Nigel Wilkinson

Special Effects Supervisor – Richard Conway, and, Bob Hollow

Animatronics Supervisor – Jamie Courtier

Key Animatronics Designer – Mark Hunter

Visual Effects by

Visual Effects Artist – Avtar Bains, William Bartlett, Nick Bennett, Oliver Bersey, William Burdis, Murray Butler, Ben Cronin, Adam Gascoyne, Dan Glass, Jamie Isles, Linda Johnson, Lucy Killick, Christian Manz, Martin Parsons, Steffan Perry, George Roper, Pedro Sabrossa, Asa Shoul, Angus Wilson, and, Will Yarrow

Model Workshop Supervisor – Nigel Blake

Visual Effects Supervisor – David Booth

CGI Lead Animator – Andy Lomas

Research Development – Alex Parkinson

Visual Effects Producer – Fiona Walkinshaw


Stunt Double – Bradley Farmer

Stunt Coordinator – Terry Walsh

Title Designer – Chris Allies

Wardrobe Mistress – Jill Avery

Orchestra Conductor – Howard Ball

Unit Nurse – Patricia Barr

Orchestrator – John Bell, and, Arthur Kempel

Production Coordinator – Erica Bensly

Electrician – Sam Bloor, Paul Kemp, and, Terry Townsend

Video Operator – Bob Bridges

Video Assistant – Stuart Bridges

Location Manager – Chris Brock

Wardrobe Supervisor – Graham Churchyard

Clapper Loader – Ian Coffey, and, Ed Rutherford

Trainee Assistant – Anya Dillon

Assistant Accountant – Tina Ellis, Rita Kozma, and, Tina McConnell

Post Production Coordinator – Bryon Fear

Assistant To Producer – Ben Fogg

Choreographer – Pat Garrett

Focus Puller – Merritt Gold, and, Aleksander Kaufmann

Transportation Captain – Gerry Gore

Camera Operator – Steven Hall

Project Manager – Piers Hampton

Financial Controller – Andy Hennigan

Floor Runner – Nathan Holmes

Utility Stand In – Amanda Kernot, Joe Lacey, Sarah Lester, and, Joanne Palmer

Wardrobe Assistant – Joe Kowalewski

Lighting Cameraman – Stefan Lange

Production Coordinator, New York Special Effects – Bernadette Lee

Casting Assistant – Oded Levy

Continuity, Second Unit – Eth Ibrahim Maynard

Production Assistant – Caroline Moore

Production Runner – Debbie Moseley

Key Grip – Peter Myslowski

Horse Master – Gerad Naprous

Casting Coordinator UK – Sally Osoba

Assistant To Director – Jonathan Pilcher

Best Boy – Dave Ridout

Creative Supervisor – Ray Scott

Wardrobe Master – Adrian Simmons

Gaffer – David Smith

First Assistant Editor – Dominic Strevens

Stedicam Operator – Alf Tramontin

Still Photographer – Oliver Upton

Location Assistant – Nick Waldron

Key Stedicam Operator – John Ward

Animatronic Engineer – Simon Williams

Script Supervisor – Annie Wotton

Stand In – Neil Morphew

Puppet Builders – Jamie Courtier, Mark Hunter, Nigel Blake, and, Simon Williams


Sandra Shephard is sometimes known as Sandra Shepherd, Stanley Cook as Stan Cook, Robert Devine as Bob Devine, Ronald Newvell as Ron Newvell, Michael Sotheran as Mike Sotheran, and, Andy Glen as Andrew Glen


Although for the purposes of this website, I have listed all the puppeteers as ‘Cast’, in actual fact in the Internet Movie Database several of the puppeteers, including Louise Gold, are actually listed under ‘Crew’. Surely one of the few, if not the only time in her career that Louise Gold managed to get herself credited as a member of the Crew rather than the Cast.

The Creature Shop also provided the puppets for Animal Farm; whose voice artistes included; Peter Postlethwaite, and, Peter Ustinov, and the production team also included Robert Halmi Sr.

 Robbie Coltrane had previously appeared in Laugh...? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee, and in the archive footage on A Kick Up The Eighties.

Sheila Hancock, and, Peter Ustinov may have previously appeared in Comedy Tonight.

Dilys Laye may have previously appeared (alongside Louise Gold) in Will-Aid.

Dilys Laye had previously appeared in a concert staging of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, starring redheaded puppeteer Louise Gold.

Chris Ryan took parr in Comic Relif 1986, his recording credits include Utterly Utterly Live Comic Relief.

Chris Ryan had previously appeared on television in Rachel And The Roarettes.

Chris Ryan went on to appear on stage (alongside puppeteer Louise Gold) in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Richard Coombes, Francis Wright, Nigel Plaskitt, Robert Tygner, Susan Dacre, and, Louise Gold (almost all of whom are pretty notable British puppeteers) had previously puppeteered on Spitting Image.

Kiran Shah, and, Louise Gold had previously puppeteered on The Great Muppet Caper, in which Peter Ustinov acted.

Kiran Shah, David Barclay, and, Louise Gold had previously puppeteered on The Creature Shop’s first film The Dark Crystal; which production crew also included Gareth Tandy.

Nigel Plaskitt, Robert Tygner, David Barclay, and, Susan Dacre had previously puppetered on The Creature Shop’s second film Labyrinth.

Nigel Plaskitt, Robert Tygner, Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Rebecca Nagan, and, Victoria Willing had previously puppeteered on Muppet Treasure Island; whose production crew also included: Stefan Lange, Len Serpant, Terry Bridle, Dan Glass, Patricia Barr, Bob Bridges, Merritt Gold, Pat Garrett, and, Dave Ridout.

Nigel Plaskitt, David Barclay, Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Rebecca Nagan, and, Victoria Willing had previously puppeteered on The Muppet Christmas Carol; whose puppet-builders included Jamie Courtier; and on which the production team included: Nick Willing, Paul Kemp, Bob Bridges, and, Pat Garrett.

Nigel Plaskitt has gone on to directed Louise Gold in her cabaret act LOUISE GOLD...By Appointment.

Richard Coombs, Susan Dacre, Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, and, Francis Wright had previously puppeteered on The Spooks Of Bottle Bay.

Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt went on to puppeteer on The Secret Life Of Toys, and, That Puppet Game Show, appear in the documentary Best Ever Spitting Image; and to work on Five Minutes More, and, the pilot of Space Sprogs. They appeared at Muppets And Puppets (Kaleidoscope Event).

Louise Gold, Nigel Plaskitt, and, Victoria Willing went on to puppeteer on Mopatop’s Shop.

Nigel Plaskitt had previously worked on The Animal Show, a TV series which included some pretty special innovations from The Creature Shop.

Richard Coombs, Louise Gold, and, Nigel Plaskitt had previously puppeteered on Tale Of The Bunny Picnic.

David Barclay, and, Louise Gold had previously puppeteered on the UK Co-Production of Fraggle Rock, and puppeteered in an item about The Dark Crystal on Blue Peter.

Louise Gold, and, Richard Coombs had previously puppeteered on The Ghost Of Faffner Hall, which also used some puppets build by The Creature Shop.

Jamie Courtier appeared on the television documentary The Wonderful World Of Puppets.

Pat Garrett had previously been originally scheduled to choreograph the British premier of the musical Angry Housewives (but in the end did not do so).

Sue Dacre and Louise Gold went on to appear as panellists at the Labyrinth 25th Anniversary Screening.

Simon Williams appeared on ITV’s 50 Greatest Shows.


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