Alexei Sayleís Merry-Go-Round

Louise Gold appeared as Anna Chessington, series first screened on BBC 2 on: 8, 15, 22, 29 May and 5 & 14 June 1998


Cast (Includes)

 Regular Cast

Alexi Sayle

Denise Coffey - Edna


Guest Appearances


Episode 1, recorded 6 July 1997, broadcast 8 May 1998

Jessica Stevenson - Alice - The Ayatollahís Assistant


Episode 2, recorded 21 October 1997, broadcast 15 May 1998

David Williams Ė Newsagent


Episode 3, recorded 17 October 1997, broadcast 22 May 1998


Episode 4, recorded 22 October 1997, broadcast 29 May 1998

Lee Hurst - The All New Lee Hurst 2000


Episode 5, recorded 22 October 1997, broadcast 5 June 1998

Gemma Rigg - Mandy

Reece Shearsmith - Phillip Arthurs


Episode 6, recorded 28 October 1997, broadcast 14 June 1998


††††††††††† Other Appearances

Omid Djalili

Steve Furst

Louise Gold - Anna Chessington

Simon Greenall - Interviewer


Production Team

Written by - Alexei Sayle, Kevin Cecil, Dave Cummings, Kevin Gildea, Andy Riley, Jon Rowlands, and, Edgar Wright

Additional Material - David Stafford, and, Dennis Berson

Director - Edgar Wright

Executive Producer - Jon Plowman

Producer - Jon Rowlands

Editor - Peter Drinkwater

Lighting Design - Mark Kenyon


Rachel And The Roarettes, Laugh??? I Nearly Paid My Licence Fee, Rita Rudner, A Kick Up The Archive, A Week In The West End, and, Transmission: Impossible With Ed And Oucho were also first broadcast on BBC2, where The Alan Clark Diaries also made its terrestrial debut (having premiered on BBC 4), and City Lights made itís national debut (having premiered on BBC Scotland).

Kevin Cecil, and, Andy Riley had previously written for Spitting Image.

Alexei Sayle had previously appeared in Roland Rat The Series.

Louise Gold definitely appeared in Episode 4 (according to the BBC Programme Catalogue), but it seems likely that she did not appear in the other episodes.

Louise Gold had actually been Denise Coffeyís replacement as a Team Captain on the radio quiz Letís Do The Show Right Here.

Simon Greenall may have taken part in Thing A Thon.


Omid Djalli went on to appear in Oliver!


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