A Time To Start Living

- A Celebration of the great Elizabeth Welch

Louise Gold appeared as a Guest Artist in A Time To Start Living – A World Aid’s Day Gala, a fundraising event for Crusaid, at The Shaftsbury Lyric Theatre on Sunday 6 December 1992

Note: Please note the cast listing and running order is not necessarily accurate, the webmaster wasn’t present and  so is having to use the original printed programme of events as a guide. Under Cast, those artistes whose names appear in bold almost certainly appeared, those whose names appear in italics certainly had one of their pieces dropped, and may not have appeared at all. Those whose names are in neither bold or italic were billed to appear, but I do not have any information as to if they appeared and if so what they did. 



 Starring (Subject to availability): Brent Barrett, Josephine Blake, Joanne Campbell, Robin Cousins, John Dankworth, Elaine Delmar, Fenella Fielding, Maria Freidman, Louise Gold, Simon Green, Peter Greenwell, Sam Harris, Michael Howe, Sally Ann Howes, Paul Jones, David Kernan, Cleo Laine, Bonnie Langford, Julia McKenzie, Millicent Martin, Marion Montgomery, Claire Moore, Angela Richards, Liz Robertson, Bobby Short, Martin Smith, Mark Wynter

            and of course: Elisabeth Welch

            Hosted by: Ned Sherrin

            Singers: Mary Carewe, Susan Flannery, Elizabeth Watts, Jim Graeme, Stephen Hill & David Urwin

            Dancers: Andrea Palmer, Helen Pattison, Jane Sansby, Rachel Smith, Michael Conran & Guy Forecast

            Other Performers (mentioned in running order): Robin Cleaver, Michael Small, Bryn Walters

            additional performers (not listed in programme): Petula Clark,


Production Team

Presented by: Show People 90 & West End Cares

Directed by – David Kernan

Musical Directors – Paul Bateman, Jason Carr, Steve Edis, Laurie Holloway, Neil McArthur & Jonathan Parry Price

Orchestra – Brian Archer, Andy Bush, Steve Hamilton, Steve McManus & Bobby Worth

Choreographers – Carol Green, Irving Davies & Lindsay Dolan

Lighting Designer – Michael Odam

Sound by – Autograph Sound Recording

Songwriters – Harold Arlen, Ann Hampton Callaway, Hoagy Charmichael, Duke Ellington, Frank Eyton, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, John Green, Peter Greenwell, Oscar Hammerstein II, Otto Harbach, Lorenz Hart, Walter Hawkins, Jerry Herman, Edward Heyman, Herman Hupfield, Isham Jones, Nick Kenny, Jerome Kern, Ted Koeler, Geo Koger, Louiguy, Eric Maschwitz, Mauguerite Monnot, George Moustaki, Edith Piaf, Cole Porter, Richard Rogers, Stephen Schwartz , Vincent Scotto, Manning Sherwin, Robert Sour, John Stranack, George Terry, H. Varna, Ned Washington, Peter Wildblood


Running Order

 Act 1

The Song Is You (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II) – Claire Moore, Liz Robertson & Michael Howe

Follow Me (Walter Hawkins) – Members of the cast of ‘Carmen Jones’

Little Girl Blue (Richard Rogers & Lorenz Hart) – Maria Friedman

The Lady Is A Tramp (Richard Rogers & Lorenz Hart) – Maria Friedman, Louise Gold & Claire Moore

Pet Le Clark (something in French – this isn’t listed in the programme) – Petula Clark

It Never Entered My Mind (Richard Rogers & Lorenz Hart) – Marion Montgomery

Ten Cents A Dance (Richard Rogers & Lorenz Hart) – Angela Richards

Bonjour Paris, I Love Paris (Cole Porter), Milord (Marguerite Monnot & George Moustaki), &, Can Can (Cole Porter) – Josephine Blake

J’ai Deux Amours (Vincent Scotto, Geo Koger & H. Varna) – Joanne Campbell

Love For Sale (Cole Porter) – Robin Cleaver, Michael Small, Bryn Walters

The Physician (Cole Porter) – Louise Gold

I Gaze In Your Eyes (Cole Porter & Ann Hampton Callaway) –Martin Smith

Blow Gabriel Blow (Cole Porter) – Sam Harris

Damsel In Distress (John Stranack) – Fenella Fielding

A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square (Manning Sherwin & Eric Maschwiz) – Peter Greenwell

Meet The Family (Peter Greenwell & Peter Wildeblood) – Millicent Martin & Julia McKenzie

Magic to Do (Stephen Schwartz) – Paul Jones

My Corner of the Sky (Stephen Schwartz) – Brent Barrett

I Won’t Dance (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II) – Bonnie Langford & Robin Cousins

Yesterdays/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern & Otto Harbach) – Sally Ann Howes

Bill/Can’t Help Loving Dat Man (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II) – Elaine Delmar & Liz Robertson

Song On The Sand (Jerry Herman) – Simon Green, David Kernan & Mark Wynter


Act 2

My Cousin From Milwaukee (George & Ira Gershwin), Why Was I Born (Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II), &,  Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen & Ted Koeler) – Cleo Laine & John Dankworth

I’ve Got My Eyes On You (Cole Porter), Drop Me Off In Harlem (Duke Ellington & Nick Kenny), Body & Soul (John Green, Robert Sour, Edward Heyman & Frank Eyton), &, Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter) – Bobby Short

The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael, George Terry & Ned Washington), La Vie En Rose (Louiguy & Edith Piaf), Solomon (Cole Porter), As Time Goes By (Herman Hupfield), In No Time At All (Stephen Schwartz), &, It Had To Be You (Isham Jones) – Elisabeth Welch


Louise Gold and Maria Friedman had previously appeared together in Merrily We Roll Along (Stage Production) and went on to feature on that Merrily We Roll Along (Recording). They have also appeared together in Kids At Heart, and have gone on to appear together in Sondheim At The Barbican. They appeared separately in Chicago & Company.

Maria Friedman and Louise Gold may have appeared together in Will-Aid

Simon Green, Sally Ann Howes, David Kernan, Claire Moore, Liz Robertson, and, Andy Bush, may also have appeared in Will-Aid which was directed by David Kernan, along with Ned Sherrin.

It is possible that Susan Flannery may also have previously appeared in Will-Aid, that show had an actress named Sue Flannery in it.

Peter Greenwell had previously composed and arranged music for part of Will-Aid

Louise Gold, Maria Friedman, and, Claire Moore went on to sing together on the JAY/TER recording of Cabaret, their work also features on Centre Stage Showtime!.  

Louise Gold and Claire Moore’s recording from Cabaret also found its way onto Encore The Very Best From The Musicals, on which Jim Graeme (as James Graeme) also sings.

Martin Smith’s recording credits include Great Duets From The Musicals . He had previously worked on The Metropolitan Mikado and Kids At Heart.

Liz Robertson’s recording credits include: Cole Porter - Night And Day and Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording) (the latter with David Kernan).

Elisabeth Welch’s recording credits include: Cole Porter - Night And Day

Jason Carr had previously worked on Chicago & Company and Broadway To Brighton, he has gone on to work on a variety of projects including: Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It, Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording) , Oh Kay, 110 In The Shade, One Touch Of Venus (2000 Production), A Lost Musicals Occasion, Defiant Dames, Final Chic Cabaret 2003, Dead By 12 (guest pianist), Louise Gold’s cabaret act Louise Gold ... By Appointment , and his own musical The Water Babies, and his own cabaret Somethin’ Good .

Autograph also did the sound for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production) , Anything Goes (Stage Show), Follies, Gypsy, and, Candide In Concert.

Paul Jones had previously appeared in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Touring Production)

The work of Louise Gold, Liz Robertson, David Kernan, Peter Greenwell, Jason Carr, Paul Bateman, and Steve McManus all feature on the album Noel/Cole: Let’s Do It (Recording) on which Louise Gold also sang The Physician.

Show People ’90 Limited went on to present the first proper British production of Noel/Cole: Let's Do It  in Oxford.

Liz Robertson and Steven Edis went on to contribute to: Regents Park 70th Anniversary Gala

Josephine Blake, Maria Friedman, and, Simon Green’s recording credits include The History Of The Musical

Paul Bateman and Ned Sherrin had previously worked on Ziegfeld (recording)

Steve McManus’s recording credits also include Defiant Dames, and, Oliver! (Recording)

Ned Sherrin, Martin Smith and Lindsay Dolan had previously contributed to Metropolitan Mikado and a concert of highlights from  Ratepayers' Iolanthe & Metropolitan Mikado

David Kernan, Ned Sherrin, Fenella Fielding, Michael Howe, Bonnie Langford, Martin Smith, Stephen Hill Singers: Mary Carewe, Stephen Hill, Josephine Blake, Elizabeth Watts, Susan Flannery, Jim Graeme along with Michael Conran had previously appeared in Broadway To Brighton, for which Jason Carr played the piano.

Louise Gold, David Kernan, Millicent Martin, Claire Moore Ned Sherrin, and, Martin Smith may have gone on to appear in Comedy Tonight which David Kernan also directed, and for which the musicians also included Brian Archer, Andy Bush, Steve McManus.

Cleo Laine and John Dankworth had previously appeared on The Royal Variety Performance (1977).

Ned Sherrin, Liz Robertson, Lorna Dallas, Fenella Fielding, Cleo Laine, and, Julia McKenzie went on to appear in the Side By By Side By Sondheim 25th Anniversary Gala.

Julia McKenzie went on to appear as a guest on Let’s Do The Show Right Here.

Ned Sherrin, Louise Gold, Fenella Fielding, and, Julia McKenzie went on to appear on Ned Sherrin’s Review Of Revue

Julia McKenzie and Millicent Martin had of course appeared together many times previously, including on television on  Julia And Company

Cleo Laine had previously been a Guest Star on The Muppet Show, and appeared in the documentary I Love The Muppets. Her recording credits include Jerome Kern The First 100 Years

Brent Barrett went on to appear on television in A Week In The West End.

James Graeme, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include Simply Musicals.

Steve McManus went on to play in the pit orchestra for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and, Oliver!.

Mary Carewe, Petula Clarke, Paul Jones, and, Julia McKenzie’s recording credits include The Greatest Musicals of the 20th Century, which Paul Bateman also worked on.

Louise Gold had previously appeared at The Shaftsbury Theatre in Comic Relif 1986 and may have gone on to appear in Dear Ralph.

Liz Robertson went on to appear in Happily Ever After, on which Steve McManus also worked.

Julia McKenzie, Millicent Martin, David Kernan, Simon Green, Cleo Laine, Liz Robertson, Ned Sherrin, and, John Dankworth went on to appear in Side By Side By Sondheim 30th Anniversary Gala.

Simon Green, and, Angela Richards went on to appear in A Love Letter To Dan.

Marion Montgomery was a guest on the TV programme The Ghost Of Faffner Hall.

Martin Smith, and, James Graeme’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - Wonderful Tales.

Martin Smith’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Glamour And Majesty.

Mary Carewe, and, Elisabeth Welch’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Dashing Heroes, Blushing Maidens.

Mary Carewe, David Kernan, Liz Robertson, Martin Smith, and, Elizabeth Welch, along with James Graeme’s recording credits include The Great Musicals – Laughter And Tears.

Renamed Theatrecares, West End Cares went on to present The Company Of Mary Poppins in a FUNdraising special, which they dedicated to Ned Sherrin. That production also included Bonnie Langford’s niece Scarlett among it’s cast (getting very ribbed about her family). The volunteers of Theatrecares subsequently transformed into TheatreMAD, and have gone on to present Flaunt It 2008.

Liz Robertson went on to take part in A Celebration Of The Life And Work Of Dick Vosburgh, and has gone on to organise a charity event Shopping With The Stars 2008, and take part in Shopping With The Stars 2009.

Claire Moore, and, Elisabeth Welch, along with James Graeme,’s recording credits include Magic Of The Musicals

Simon Green  went on to appear in Flaunt It 2008.

James Graeme’s recording credits include The Best Of The Musicals.

Angela Richards, Elaine Delmar, David Kernan, Claire Moore, Fenella Fielding, Simon Green, Ned Sherrin, Neil McArthur, Jason Carr, and Sally Ann Howes may have taken part in Thing A Thon, which Maria Friedman was involved with.

Petula Clark, Maria Friedman, Louise Gold, Cleo Laine, Claire Moore, and, Elisabeth Welch, along with James Graeme’s recording credits include 100 Hits Musicals.

Louise Gold, and, Claire Moore’s recording credits include Let’s Go On With The Show – Hit Songs From The West End & Broadway .

Mary Carewe, Maria Friedman, Simon Green, David Kernan, Claire Moore, and, Elisabeth Welch’s recording credits include The Great Musicals - From Broadway to Hollywood.

Peter Greenwell, David Kernan, and, Liz Robertson went on to take part in The Radio 2 Arts Programme Chichester Festival 1994.

Robin Cousins, Marion Montgomery, and, Liz Robertson went on to take part in CLIC’s 18th Birthday Celebration.


Critics Comments

  “(Maria Friedman) was then joined by Claire Moore and Louise Gold for a very gutsy rendition of ‘The Lady is a Tramp’.” ....”Louise Gold evoked Gertrude Lawrence and the Cole Porter classic ‘The Physician’.” Iain Darroch, WORDS AND MUSIC, January 1993 (issue 14)


Links about A Time To Start Living

About Maria page for A Time To Start Living: http://www.aboutmaria.com/timetostartliving.html

TheatreMAD’s website: http://www.theatremad.org.uk/

 Agency Licensing Campaign (article in The Stage): http://www.thestage.co.uk/news/newsstory.php/31022/theatre-stars-back-campaign-for-talent-agency, and Online Petition (which anyone who supports it can sign): http://www.gopetition.com/petition/41085.html , seeing as Mark Wynter may be among the performers supporting this worthy campaign.


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